Types of Perm Hairstyles



A perm hairstyles for many people, is a way of expressing their individuality and personal style. It can add character and life to your hair and overall look. Moreover, there are many different types of perm hairstyles to choose from and each of these styles can add or say something different about you.

There are perms that scream spontaneous and fun, while some other give people the impression that you are romantic and idealistic. So if you are thinking about getting a hair perm soon, here are some different types you can choose from.

Long Perm Hairstyles



Volumizing perm hairstyles are the most popular of the bunch, and many women love this one. It's suitable for any hair length, and it can even work great for those who have different lengths. These are more suited for those with oval and round face shapes. This hairstyle looks more free and easier to manage than any other type of perms. In addition it can give more texture and volume to your hair without overdoing it.

A volumizing perm can be achieved by allowing your hair to relax for a bit during the curling process. In this way, you can avoid the bouncy and springy curls, and can focus more on the whole body of the hairstyle.

For those who do not want full-on curls, they can try for a spot perm hairstyle instead. Spot perms involve only curling a section or two of your hair. It is done to add more details and character to your existing hairstyle. Spot perms can range from really tight coils of hair to a more relaxed and almost wavy. An example of this is those who add curls to the ends only.

A similar type of hairstyle with a perm is a weave perm. In this type of perm, you are only going to curl parts of your hair while keeping the other parts fairly straight. In doing so, you can add more texture to your straight hair.

long perm hairstyle

Short Perm Hairstyles



People with short hair can also get their hair permed. The root perm is ideal for those with really short or flat hair. This type of perm can add some elevation to the roots of the hair, therefore, adding more volume and texture to create a fuller hairstyle. It can also make the boyish haircut more feminine. However, its chief disadvantage is that it can only last for about two to three months, and may require some touch-ups to maintain its look.

Getting a perm is a good way to create a new look for you. However, you should be aware that frequent use of perm hair products can cause damage to your hair in the long run. Also, you must maintain it every other month so that it will look its best. Combined with hair coloring and various hair accessories, you can reinvent yourself with a new perm hairstyle.

short perm hairstyle