Why You Should Consider a Straight Hairstyle



Straight hairstyles are always in fashion but have been particularly popular the past few years. Every time you see a red carpet event there's always tons of celebrities with straight hair. It's easily one of the most envied celebrity hairstyles out there. If you are looking for a sophisticated and elegant look, this hairstyle is something you should definitely consider.

The great thing about straight hairstyles is that they are very versatile. Straight hair is usually fairly easy to manage and styles easily. Depending on your hair length you have a lot of options to choose from.

If you have short to medium length hair, a bob cut is the perfect for straight hair. A hairstyle is considered a "bob" if it is cut with a weighted area falling from just below the ears to anywhere just below the chin. The most popular straight bob is the one length cut. The sharp lines of this straight bob make it a very comfortable style to wear. It can be made to a length that is attractive for almost any face shape. It's worn without bangs and cut with chin length sides with shorter under layers that will make the ends go under on their own and frame the face nicely. Adding swept or blunt bangs is also an option if you are looking for a hairstyle with a little more character.


silky straight hair


For long straight hairstyles you can either choose bangs, one length cut or a layered style. Many of the best hairstyles for long hair are layered. Some hair textures are better suited to layering than others. Coarse hair is best for layering followed by medium hair. You can try a simple two or three layered cut or go for a style more complex with multiple choppy cuts.

You also have several styling options like pulling your hair up into an updo or back into a ponytail. Sometimes something as simple as parting your hair differently can be all you need to freshen up your look.

Long straight hair is also perfect for formal events. A long silky straight hairstyle looks elegant, structured, smooth and tailored looking. It not only stands out, it looks fabulous! Keep in mind that maintaining a long hairstyle requires a little extra work and maintenance to keep it in good shape and looking great. If your hair is not healthy, it's not going to look good no matter how you style it.

Straight hair is great because you can do so many different styles with it and it's fairly easy to maintain. If you are someone who gets bored with a hairstyle easily and likes to "mix it up" then a straight hairstyle is an excellent choice.