Short Hairstyles for Women



Thinking of cutting those long locks and trying something a little more daring? A short hairstyle can give you a fresh modern look and they seem to never go out of style. They are also more manageable, and a breeze when styling. If time is something you don't have a lot of, then you defiantly should consider trying short hair.

There are many types of short hairstyles, from super short pixie, to something a little longer with more waves and curls. You can spike, scrunch, curl, or best yet, use your flat iron to make sections super straight and then layer it. The possibilities are endless and because this look is so flexible, it can work with many different texture types from fine to thick, straight to curly or a combination of both

How short you go is up to you. Your face shape will determine to some degree what will look good on you. Typically if you have a round face you would probably want to go on the longer end of the spectrum of short hair like a bob or something of similar length. Your age is also a consideration.


short asymmetric hairstyle for women


You have a lot of versatility with short hairstyle. You can go for a conservative look by simply applying mousse to dampen your hair and blow dry for work, or if your thinking of something a little more wild, spike the tips in different directions with a professional styling gel.

Textured ends are also great for this look. They are slightly layered on the ends which creates a wispy effect. A slightly graduated textured hairstyle is a creative way to add depth around the back of the neck. You can even add greater emphasis to it by layering the front and the sides.

Which ever style you decide on, make sure it's what you really want because once your hair is cut, you will be stuck with it for some time until it grows back. The only other option would be hair extensions, but even then your hair would need to be a certain length for them to work.

Don't let this scare you, just be cautious. Short hair can be fun, flirty and very flattering when chosen properly and can give you an entirely different look from what you're used to. Also when your hair starts growing back in, you will have more options with your hair so it will always be changing and looking fresh and new. If your still nervous, start with a short hairstyle that's not too extreme and go from there. If you find you like it and it suits you, then maybe you can go shorter and try something more daring.