Popular Women's Hairstyles



A new year means a new set of fashionable women’s hairstyles. According to many fashion experts, the revival of classic hairstyles is the main focus of this years trendiest hairstyles. However, it doesn't mean that you can simply go back to your hairstyle of 10 years ago. You need to have a modern touch added to each of these hairstyles to make it fresh and up to date again.

Long Hairstyles



star The classic bouffant hair of Brigitte Bardot has been remade to suit the modern women's tastes. The half-up bouffant is as sexy as the actress herself, and it can be worn for both casual dates and evening soirees.

star The timeless French twist hairstyle is very trendy , and there are many variations made to this updo. Curls and other hair accessories are added to make this classic hairstyle more chic.

star For those who want to keep it simple, the side pinned waves is the way to go. You can achieve this by simply lightly curling your hair, and then letting it down your back and pinning the side with your favourite clip. This looks very relaxed and is perfect for the modern woman who is always on the go.

kim kardashian classic bouffant updo hairstyle 2012

Medium Hairstyles



star The Retro faux bob is making a great comeback this year, thanks to the hit TV series Madmen. You can look classy and elegant like a true 60s woman by making sure that your hair is sleek and well arranged.

star For those who adore chignons, a modern variant of this hairstyle involves adding some side waves. This is done by doing a dramatic side parting of your hair first before putting it up. Don't forget to leave some sections of your hair for the side waves. If you can do this properly, then you can get a classic look that looks great from every angle.

star Another variant of the classic chignon is the wet look chignon. There are many other hairstyles that get revamped by adding the wet look to their style. You can achieve this wet look by using special hair gels that can give you that look without making your hair look too stiff. The overall effect of the wet look chignon is more relaxed and natural.

retro faux bob 2012

Short Hairstyles



star The 70s comeback to the catwalks will not be complete without the afro. This hairstyle involves tightly curling your hair, while keeping it very voluminous. It should form a cloud-like appearance around your head.

star Bob hairstyles are always in style. Another 60's inspired look is the mod bob. To get this hairstyle, just make sure your hair is short, messy and quite voluminous. It is very simple, and you can add some hair accessories to keep things more interesting.

Some other general hairstyles tips for this year are side parts which are very fashionable, as well as short blunt bangs. Remember it's good to keep your hairstyle updated, but don't feel pressured to always have to update it every year if you've already found a good hairstyle that flatters you.

mod bob hairstyle 2012