Hair Coloring Ideas



Coloring your hair enhances your looks and can give you loads of confidence. A new hair color is one of the fastest ways to revitalize and update your look. If you are thinking about dying your hair, the first rule of coloring is to have your hair look as natural as possible unless you really want to make a statement. Many stylists recommend that you stay within two shades of your natural color.

You also should consider the condition of your hair before coloring. Hair that is damaged before coloring will more than likely be more damaged after the process. The condition of your hair also influences its absorbency and the length of time the coloring solution should be applied for. If your hair is damaged, it may have a tougher time holding the color you choose.

Before you decide on choosing a color, first you must decide how long you are willing to commit to this color. Temporary hair colors wash out in a shampoo or two, semi permanent products typically last for a couple of months, while permanent hair dyes may either give you grow out pains or cause you to require frequent root touch ups.

Permanent colors, however, are required if you wish to lighten your hair as semi permanent color will only darken it. If you are looking for a slight boost to your hair color that does not give you re-growth, then a semi permanent color is for you. These colors, are sometimes called washes or glazing and they work by coating the hair with a non peroxide color that washes out over a 4 - 6 week period. You might want to try one of these first when experimenting before going permanent.


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What Hair Color?



After you've decided on what type of dye to use, it's time to pick your color. Expert beauty consultants predict that the trend in hair colors is moving away from dramatic color and back towards more natural ones. Make your personality your first consideration in choosing a hair color.

The best color shade for a person is either cool or warm depending on their skin tone, eye color, and natural hair color. You need to determine whether a warm or a cool shade will be best for you. If you have dark eyes or darker skin like olive, you are a cool shade. Likewise if you have dark eyes with pale skin you are a warm shade. If your eyes are a warmer color and your skin has pink or golden undertones your also a warm shade.

hair color chartIf you are a cool shade you should avoid gold, yellow, red and bronze tones. These tones can make you look pasty and drawn. Depending on your skin tone you will find shiny blacks, ash browns and cool blondes the best.

Warm shades should avoid violet, blue, white, and black hair colors that drain you of your natural color. You should try rich golden browns, auburn, and deep chocolate colors. Warm gold, red highlights, and golden blonde shades will enhance your glow.

Your hair is a mixture of 3 colors; yellow, red and blue. These are the primary colors. Secondary colors are orange, green, and violet. If you look at this color triangle, colors opposite each other will negate that color. This means if your hair is a orange color, green will make it a brown color. If you hair has a yellow tone, violet will cancel it out.

The most important elements of hair coloring is figuring out your hair's underlying pigment. When you chose a color in a swatch book, your hair may not come out the same color because of the underlying pigment in your hair. Just remember that the final result will be your underlying color plus the artificial color you add. Think of this when deciding on what shade or tint to get as what's on the box isn't always what you get in the end.

Quick Hair Coloring Tips



Going Dark to Light

If your current hair color is darker than the next shade chosen, use a color remover to completely lose the old tint. However, they are effective on only artificial colors and not natural hair color.

Color Base

Hair colors with blue base may give a greenish cast to yellow or gold hair while those with violet base, will give you a more natural look with better results. Unwanted warm tone of hair can also be calmed down using ash or violet accents.


If you go out in the sun or swim regularly, your hair color may wear off quickly. To avoid this, condition your hair regularly to negate the effects of summer heat and water. Also chemicals used in swimming pools may give a greenish tint to blonde hairs. To avoid this, use a good clarifying shampoo and then use a warm accent on your hair like red or gold, depending on the type of blonde hair you have.

Faded Ends

Use your regular dye except where the hair is too porous to hold color. Apply one level darker to the ends with a small amount of yellow or gold accent to provide warmth and highlights.