How Hair Perms Work



Need some curls for that straight limp hair? A perm hairstyle might be the answer for you!

Hair perms can be done with 2 different kind of perming solutions, one acidic and one alkaline . Alkaline perms work best for resistant hair with low elasticity. Acidic hair perms produce highly conditioned, flexible curls that are milder than the alkaline ones.

Different hair perm rods will also help you get different looks. The choice of rod depends on the kind of perm you want. Straight or cylindrical rods are usually used for wrapping hair that has to be wave permed. A smaller rod ensures a tighter hair perm. You can achieve a body wave perm with a larger rod, however it can create weak curls. Hair in good condition takes a perm much better than hair in poor condition and fine hair curls more easily than coarse.

The spiral perm is done with vertical rods and is usually done on longer hair. Spiral perm hairstyles look like twisted corkscrews. The spiral perm technique allows for good penetration through long hair that is 6 inches or more. The trend nowadays is more towards natural curls that fall gently down your shoulders but there are some women who prefer the springy curls of a spiral perm. Your perm hairstyle must be chosen to suit your face shape. If you have a long face, the perm must be worked to ensure volume on the sides but never on the top.


body wave perm


Your hairstyle also plays a role in determining the kind of hair perm you need. Some perms work well with hair in one length while others are designed to work with layered hairstyles. A spot perm involves only one area of the hair. A stack perm is ideal if you want curls at the end of long hair.

Typically a perm takes about 2 hours to complete and another day for the perm to fully settle. It usually lasts for about three to four months. To prepare your hair for a perm, use a rich protein conditioning treatment after your regular shampoo. Colored hair must not be permed. Ideally coloring is done after a perm.

Modern hair perms also extend to volumizing, perming for volume and not for curls. This type of perm lasts about 6 weeks and is much cheaper than a complete perm. This works well for women who are experimenting with a new hairstyles.

Permed hair must be treated with care. Aggressive shampooing must be avoided as it can cause early relaxation. Only use conditioners that are specially created for permed hair, as the hair has varying porosity and ordinary conditioners may over or under condition it. Carefully towel dry your hair after a wash. Avoid tangles as it can damage the perm and use a diffuser when blow drying.

For a more curly hairstyle, continue to use the diffuser throughout the styling. For more relaxed styles, remove the diffuser and blow dry at finish.