5 Essential Hair Care Tips






I'm sure some of you have heard that you should brush your hair every night before bed to make it shiny and manageable. This may have been good advice in the past, but now people shower more often and have numerous conditioning products to choose from, making this practice no longer necessary.

Brushing can causes a fair amount of abrasion. It strips the cuticle from the hair shaft causing breakage and split ends. A smooth cuticle allows your brush to glide through your hair, eliminating tangles.

Using a leave-in natural conditioner treatment and detangler helps by penetrating each hair shaft to correct damage, then restructures and smooths the cuticle giving it extra protection. When you comb your hair, and try to get beyond a tangle with force, your comb or brush works like a knife cutting or scratching it. So be careful and don't force anything.




The biggest contributor to hair damage is the act of shampooing. Eliminating this practice is obviously not an option, however understanding how and why it damages your hair makes it easier to reduce the negative effects.

Today most people are frequent shampooers; the average number of weekly shampoos a week has risen to five with more than forty percent of women shampooing daily. You should try to wash your hair less than 4 times a week. In addition, the act of shampooing, which includes vigorous massaging and scrubbing with your fingers or scrubber, causes abrasion to hair when it is most vulnerable to damage. When washing, gently rub your scalp with the ball of your fingers in a circular motion. Water disrupts the hydrogen bond in hair, making it weaker than when it's dry.

Hair is three times weaker when it is wet than when it is dry making it much more vulnerable to stretching, breaking, and developing split ends. The combination of wet and tangled hair is a perfect setup for damage. So it is important to treat wet hair with extra care when combing and scrubbing. Do not comb your hair when it is wet, and only use large tooth combs and picks to put it into place.

Sun Exposure



Sun is another factor that contributes to hair damage. Ultraviolet rays break down proteins and cause dryness, un-manageability and split ends. Just as the sun can burn skin, it can also dry out hair, leading to limpness and breakage. A hat or light colored head covering is the most effective way to protect your hair against the sun and stop UV damage. Using hair care products with sun protection can help prevent sun damage.

Water Exposure



Chlorine and saltwater also contribute to the damage of hair, stripping and etching away at the natural bonds of protein. Hair is porous and will absorb chlorine unless you apply a barrier.

Water quality is very important to your hair. There are a wide variety of results with different types of water. Hard water is harmful to the hair as well as salt and chlorine. Carbon water filter attachments are the best solution for reducing this damage in the shower. Before swimming in chlorine treated pools, wet your hair and coat it with a natural conditioner. If you don't have access to conditioner, then make sure to at least soak your hair in fresh water, so it is saturated and do the same after you are done swimming.

Hair Care Product Treatments



Try applying a deep conditioning hot oil treatment once a week to your hair. To do so, wet your hair with warm water and then warm a small amount of oil and apply it to the scalp, working it well through the hair to the ends. Leave the oil in for five to ten minutes and then shampoo well.

Mixing tea tree oil with an olive oil mixture is very healthful and stimulating to the scalp. You can also choose to use essential oils like rosemary, lavender, geranium, or sandalwood with lubricating oils such as jojoba or peach kernel to restore deep moisture to your hair.

For intensive treatment after applying oil, wrap your head in a warm damp towel that has been dipped in hot water and wrung out, and then in a large shower cap in order to prevent loss of heat. When the towel cools down, re-wet it with hot water. Leave on for twenty minutes and then shampoo well