Feather Hair Extensions are Back



Fashion has always been cyclic and for 2012, we have seen the comeback of feather hair extensions into the hair accessories market. Feather hair extensions made its popularity with women during the 50's and the 60's because they add character to your look and make your style stand out. This is an ideal addition to your look if you are not ready to make more permanent changes, such as changing your hair color or getting a new hairstyle.

Feather hair extensions that are available in the market are made of many different types of materials. For a more authentic look, there are many hair accessories sellers that offer real feathers from roosters and other similar birds. However, if you want your feather extensions to have brighter colors, then you can opt for the plastic variants. Their color will also last longer, and they are more durable than the original bird tail feathers.

Adding feather extensions for hair is a much easier and safer way of modifying your looks than other methods. Hair coloring can cause scalp problems and can even make your hair dry and dull if not maintained. Real hair extensions, on the other hand, require more effort in maintaining it, and are generally much pricier than their feathered counterparts. Feather hair extensions are not only cheaper, but also easier to maintain.

feather hair extensions

Installing the feathers as extensions is a very easy process. You can go to the nearest salon and get them attached by professionals, or you can do it in the comfort of your own home. You do not have to do any complicated procedures, such as hair coloring, gluing or weaving to apply these types of extensions. If you want detailed instructions on how to make feather hair extensions, then you can check out some of the many videos on YouTube about this topic.

Once you've attached the feather extensions, there's not much else to worry about. You can still brush your hair normally, and you can even style it. Blow drying, straightening or curling your hair can all be done even if you have hair extensions. In addition, these extensions can last for months, and even if they are accidentally removed, you can still reuse them and reattach them.

Feathers as hair extensions are currently rising to popularity again. Several celebrities are sporting these hair accessories, and there are also some who have integrated the feathers into their jewelries, like earrings and necklaces. Because you can get them in any color, they can also become a staple to your own wardrobe.

It has been several years since these hair extensions were first introduced, but they still remain as a possible option for fashion forward people. So for those who want to make their own fashion statement this season, why not try to experiment with the feather hair extensions and tell the world how daring you are.

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