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Thinking of a new hairstyle but not sure if it matches your face? Certain hairstyles flatter your face shape and others don't. There are only a few basic facial shapes, and whatever your individual variation, you will always fall into one of these 6 categories.

Round Face

If your cheeks are round and wide, chances are you have a round face shape. Because the proportions of this facial shape are wide, longer hair slenderizes your face. Hair that covers your ears and moves onto your cheekbones conceals width, as do curls and side wisps. When choosing a hairstyle for a round face, don't go for a cut that's shorter than earlobe length; roundness will be too apparent. If you like long hair, have the side pieces layered or feathered on an angle. The key to hairstyles for round faces is to look for styles that draw the eye upward. Volume and detail can be added when you style your hair.

Oval Face

An oval face shape works with almost any haircut or length because it's proportional and balanced. This means your forehead accounts for about one third of your face, the center accounts for a third and the area below your nose accounts for about one third. Your chin is neither square or pointed, but curves gently, like the end of an egg. You can wear super short crops or long hair, go with or without bangs. If your face is oval and petite, avoid long, full looks that overwhelm your face.

Oblong Face

An elongated oval. If you have an oblong face, your chin may appear too long or out of proportion with your forehead. The illusion of width fixes this easily. Look for a chin to shoulder length cut with fullness at the sides. Avoid any cuts with volume on top as they will elongate your face even further. If your chin is very pointed, bangs will emphasize this further. Instead, go for a cut that falls above the chin, to draw the eye upward.

Square Face

Wider than it is long and often features a prominent, squared jaw line. With this facial shape, the idea is to create a slimming effect with the illusion of more facial length and less width. Wear hair somewhat longer than chin length to elongate your face. It can be quite long or fall to the clavicle bone. Also, opt for styles that are full, not flat, on top. Layers always soften the features of this strong facial shape and cuts that feature angled sides are ideal. Sides that move inward cover some width, again creating an elongating effect.

Heart Shaped Face

A variation of the square face in that it is wider than long, but most of the width is at the forehead, rather than the jaw line. If this describes your face, go for shoulder length to short cuts with bangs, asymmetrical parts and layers that help conceal your forehead. Wear hair softly layered to add fullness at the narrow bottom. Sometimes, a perm is the perfect solution because curls always add width. If you want a cut that's shorter than chin length, bangs are a must.

Pear Shaped Face

Can appear too wide at the jaw line and chin. It has the opposite problem of the heart shaped face. If your face has a slight pear shape, expose your forehead by wearing hair back off your face or by growing out your bangs. This draws the eye up, away from the jaw line. A jaw length blunt cut is the least flattering style for square, heart shaped or pear shaped face.

Whether your face is oval, square, round or a variation within one of these three major types, keep in mind that long hair elongates your face and drags the eye down, while height on top draws the eye upward. Put the emphasis where you want the eye to go, and you can't lose.

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